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A collection of testimonials from our Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis students and our doula clients

 If a best friend was considering a doula, what would you tell them?

To hire a doula from the very beginning and ask all your questions. Love our doula, Lerissa!

Alisha (2021)

I tell everyone to get a doula no matter the setting! I recommend Lerissa every time especially if they are doing hypnobirthing. I felt very safe with you. I needed a safe place instead of a friend during my birthing time. Lerissa you are amazing. Knowing that I could just be in the moment and not have to think about anything was amazing. I just followed your lead.

Hypno-Parent/Doula-Client (2021)

Even though we ended up needing a C-section, I am so glad we took the Hypnobabies class with Lerissa. It really gave me an overall sense of peace throughout my pregnancy and preparing for birth. I learned techniques I can still use today to assist with anxiety and general meditation. I definitely feel my pregnancy and the ability to switch plans from what we hoped for to a C-section was much calmer and more positive due to this course. Lerissa was an incredible instructor. Her calming, insightful personality was exactly what we needed to be able to give 100% with Hypnobabies.

– Abbey (2021)

The most helpful part…. was Lerissa being my mom for a moment. She did such a great job at bring me back during the last few minutes. My daughter was making her way out and the pressure was becoming overwhelming. She reminded me that I can do this and I was doing this. Reminded me of how far I’ve come. And to remember my hypno training. As soon as she said those things, I gained my second wind.

— Hypno-Parent/Doula-Client (2021)

I saw other birth stories on YouTube. I knew childbirth was no joke. So if I could prepare for it as much as possible, I would do just that. It went way better than I thought. I really didn’t have much pain. My midwives didn’t think I was close to having her because I was handling the progress very well.

— Hypno-Parent/Doula-Client (2021)

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