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Our Beliefs

Our goal is to help babies be born as gently and safely as possible, so that their entrance into our world can be one of joy and wonder, quiet and peace. We believe in equipping both birth parents and supporting partners to make fully informed choices in their and their baby’s care. We believe in safe and comfortable births for every family. We believe in the sacredness of childbirth, that childbirth is an easy, natural process that can be enhanced by a journey within, by finding a deep trust of birth itself, and through remembering that you already know how to give birth.


What People Say

“I couldn’t believe I just pushed a live human out of my body. A human with a head, body, heart, fingers and everything. I looked at her and her eyes stared wonderingly into mine. I reached for her hand, and she right away held tightly onto my pinky. I smiled and said, you did great baby, and you’re safe here with momma.”

Hypno-Mom Brochie (Birth Story Here)

“I felt the waves and stopped and leaned on my husband for them. But they were manageable. I just listened to my Easy First Stage and breathed through them. Even when I was having double waves, they were easy to get through.”

Hypno-Mom Rebecca (Birth Story Here)

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